Our services:

We work hard to make the most of the technology, providing an innovative service and personalized follow-up to our customers.

Powered by 3 CNC machines with 3-axis and 5-axis technology, 3D printing and Vacuum press, we take all executions to unusual levels for jobs where wood and derivatives, cork, Corian® and acrylic are used.

We put all the experience and Know-How acquired over decades in the performance of the most varied tasks, coupled with an unequaled ability to change, inventing innovative and revolutionary execution ways.


We have a well-equipped CAD / CAM technical department who works with SolidWorks, Alphacam, HSMWorks and Beesoft software.


Our facilities are equipped with 3 CNCs with 3 and 5-axis CNC technology, allowing the execution of a huge number of hard tasks.

3D Printing

We have the ability to create a 3D digital model and materialize it through 3D printing technology, allowing a physical perception of the object.

Vacuum and hot-plate press machines

We make thermoforming of acrylic, PVC, Corian and other solid surfaces.

" Our greatest mastery inhabit in the capability to - while innovating in the process - not only feed the client needs, but infiltrate solutions to the scale of a global market requirement. "

Alexandre Amorim - Innovation Manager


Ficor Coruche - Cortilejo

Feira Internacional da Cortiça

Our Cortilejo® was present in the International Cork Fair, Coruche, even deserving a close look of our Agriculture Minister, Assunção Cristas!

Dinheiro Vivo

Prémio Inovação NOS

A product to communicate the innovation of every day. "Inspired by cork and Portuguese tiles, we have created a product that is an innovation showcase... the Cortilejo®", as a new way to working the MDF with cork, already perceived by us seven years ago. - Dinheiro Vivo



Another international event where we were allowed to convert potentials clients into business.

Prémio Inovação NOS


Ruimatias® ranked among the 10 finalists of the NOS Innovation Awards in the SME category, the most competitive one. Once again, the work of every day, was recognized along with those most innovative at the national level.