Productive Innovation

Project Overview

Rui Matias Lda was established in 2005 in Sever do Vouga and dedicates itself to the carpentry, manufacture, import, export and sale of furniture and exhibitors, rendering repair services, maintenance and assembly of marketed products and design of Decoration of commercial and domestic spaces, inserting its activity in CAE 31091.
The production is usually based and executed by project, being customized according to the requirements of its clients, using wood or derivatives, phenolic and mineralites. Its main products are grouped in 3 distinct areas: - Exclusive furniture for home and commerce; - Speakers and Flight-Cases (manufacture of stand-alone or integrated speakers in a decorative environment and manufacture of Flight-Cases - transport boxes for packaging equipment from various areas such as audiovisual, medical, sport, military and industry) ; - Decorative and acoustic panels.
It has its own registered trademark in 2014 called CORTILEJO, being studied its possible application and production. This brand is the result of the initiative of continuous innovation of the company and is associated with an innovative product for coating and adornment of interior walls, which comes from the fusion of two Portuguese products: cork and tile.
With the realization of the project it wants to make the machine park more differentiated and flexible, equipping it with innovative technology and latest equipment, to support the creation and development of new product lines and to increase the installed capacity in order to respond quickly Customer requests and effectively to the increasing demands of the market. Based on the technologies introduced to the production process, it intends to develop a product line of excellence, with exceptional functionalities, represented by the PRIME DOING brand for the Contract segment, based on the concept of incorporating products with high added value, with differentiating characteristics. In addition to a differentiated design to achieve the proposed objectives, it will use materials with special characteristics (bi-component consisting of 30% of acrylic polymer and 70% of natural minerals).
Currently, the level of direct export of the company has still little expression, exporting to France and Angola. However, a large part of its production is destined for external markets, indirectly exporting about 75% of its products. In the near future, the company intends to continue to produce furniture and carpentry products and to change its target customer segment, aiming also to expand its area of ​​operation in the domestic and international markets, through the acquisition of new customers in the markets where it already operates and Entry into sophisticated new high-yield markets: the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom.

Period of Execution:
Project executed from 09-09-2016 to 07-01-2017

In the event of a dispute, the Arbitration Center of the Wood and Furniture Sector of AIMMP
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Joint Projects - PME Qualification ECOWOOD & Furniture

Within the framework of the incentive system for qualification investment and SME internationalization, the AIMMP - Madeira and Furniture Industries Association of Portugal is developing the joint project ECOWOOD & Furniture with the number POCI-02- 0853-FEDER- 000016. This project Is financed by Portugal 2020, under the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, assumes an overall eligible investment of € 1,597,392.94, of which € 882,559.60 is a non-refundable incentive and comes from the European Investment Fund Regional development.
The ECOWOOD & Furniture project is a structured project of intervention in a group of 30 companies and enables the sharing of experiences, knowledge, results and good practices. Its main objectives are: to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises; Supporting business capacity-building through certification; Identification and dissemination of Good Business Practices; Promote partnerships between companies.
Rui Matias, Lda. Is one of the SMEs supported in the scope of the project, having as investments and main objectives:
- Implementation and certification of Quality Management System - ISO 9001;
- Management software;
- Computer equipment;